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What is Changing?

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Living out Integral Mission Review

In preparation for our up-and-coming Global Consultation (10th to 14th September 2018), we are inviting our members to review what has changed, what is changing and what may change in our various contexts. The review will also help us understand in what way our understanding and implementation of integral mission is impacting all we do and say.

Our very first Global Consultation was held back in 2001 - It is important to ask what has changed 17 years later, to help us celebrate gains and address gaps.

The importance of Micah Consultations is especially experienced as we come together from around world to dialogue and wrestle through issues that are critical for God’s Mission in our world. We need to seek God’s reign and God’s justice in God’s world today. We believe that God’s people are called to live out integral mission, reflecting on theology and practice together through ongoing dialogue between God’s Word and God’s World for the sake of God’s Mission.

It is 2018? So much has changed over the last 20 years and the speed of change seems to be increasing in so many sectors (technology, economy, politics, security, population, faith, to mention a few). What is changing in our areas of work and ministry? What is changing in our contexts that may directly or indirectly impact the communities we serve? We need to take time to reimagine and rethink transformational mission and church in order to anticipate and proactively respond to the changing contexts. This may mean new ways to responding, news ways of working together, new ways of advocating and lobbying. New ways of funding mission. New ways of pursuing justice. New ways of partnering!

At the start of our time together in September we will explore Resilience in God’s Mission and will be engaging in dialogue around the question what is changing? In order to prepare for this effectively we invite all our members to participate through taking part in a review.

You can take part by answering the questions online, or by downloading the Word document here and sending in your answers.

The questions are as follows:

1) In what way has your understanding of Integral Mission impacted your strategy and implementation in your ministry? (from international aid and mission organisations to grass root community development organisations and local churches, colleges, Business &Network Organisations. If you are an individual member then apply this question to how you work)

2) How does your organisation disciple, train, equip you staff and partners to live out Integral Mission in and through their work and life? How do you know / measure the effectiveness of this approach? (If you are not aware of any training, please suggest what you perceive are the needs)

3) Our contexts are changing. What are the top 3 external changes that are impacting our world and how are theyimpacting your ability to live out Integral Mission? Are there other changes impacting our ability to living out integral mission and if so, list the 2-3 that you consider the most important? (for example this could be from climate change to increasing nationalism externally, or internally it could be Biblical illiteracy)

4) Who is effecting change in your context? In your example say what they address, who is walking with them and note (if possible) what role the church plays in this(For example in Pakistan: Malala Yousafzai resilience for change to allow girls to access education is; or a new political leader is substantially changing engagement)

5) Are we making a difference at the macro level (national) in our nations, regions? Please give clear examples. Similarly are we making a difference at the grass root level in our communities?.(if your answers are no, please share why you think this)

6) What changes are likely to happen in the next 3-5 in your context? Briefly share how we could prepare and respond to these? (For example, many members have noted that rising concerns about access to affordable health, or the number of species that are becoming extinct, or the aging population, or the decline of young people in church…)

Where possible answer the questions with your leadership team. Please complete the questionnaire and return to Sheryl by 15 July 2018 so we can collate and prepare the discussion.

Feel free to list other questions you would like us to raise during the Consultation.

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