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International Secretariat

  • Sheryl Haw
    Sheryl Haw

    International Director
    Sheryl joined Micah Network in April 2010. She covered the role of Interim International Director of the new Micah Global after the merger of Micah... more

  • Diordre Moraes

    GC Event Manager
    Diordre joined our Micah Secretariat team in February 2018 on a part time basis seconded to us by LEADS where she works as their Partner Liaison... more

  • Linda Martindale

    Communication Manager
    The newest member to the Micah staff team, Linda is excited to be a part of a global organisation that encapsulates so much of what is important to... more

Thematic Forum Facilitators

  • Jannine Ebenso
    Jannine Ebenso

    Disability Forum Facilitator
    Jannine has been using her knowledge and skills as a physiotherapist to serve God with The Leprosy Mission since 1991. She spent 16 years of her life... more


  • Andrew Wiles
    Andrew Wiles

    French Translator
    Andrew is English and has been working as an interpreter for many global conferences with Micah Network, the World Evangelical Alliance, and... more

  • Anna Porter
    Anna Porter

    Spanish Translator
    Anna was born in the US, raised in Bolivia and is currently living in Peru. She works with Paz y Esperanza, a Micah Network member. She studied... more

  • Emilio Martinez Espinosa

    Spanish Translator
    Emilio was born in Jujuy, Argentina where he studied Music. In 2009 he felt God was calling him to Europe as a missionary and He has lived in the UK... more

  • Prisca Wiles
    Prisca Wiles

    French Translator
    Prisca, 62, is French and married to Andrew Wiles who is English. She and Andrew have six children, three girls and three boys, and four grand... more

  • Rogelio Prieto-Duran
    Rogelio Prieto-Duran

    Spanish Translator
    Rev Canon Rogelio lived the first 25 years of my life under a dictatorship. One of my friends was killed by a death squad linked to the police. I got... more

  • Tatiana de Baptista Raineri
    Tatiana de Baptista Raineri

    Portuguese Translator
    My name is Tatiana de Baptista Raineri. I have been a volunteer Brazilian Portuguese translator with Micah Network since March 15th, 2006. It's been... more