Micah Network Gender Forum

Reference to gender has been prominent in Micah Network prayers, policies and meetings over the past few months. This is reflects our “endeavour to resist those attitudes and practices that link influence and authority to gender”, which was affirmed afresh when the Micah Network Board sought a fresh expression of the core values of the Micah Network in Limuru, Nairobi earlier this year.

Resisting attitudes and practices that link influence and authority to economic power, gender or geography is a long-term struggle, and we need to draw strength and encouragement from one another.

The following story from TEAR Australia (www.tear.org.au), describes the sustained efforts of one of the Micah Network members to act on a growing understanding of gender inequity at both the operational and organisational spheres. It describes some of the tension between wanting to address gender inequity as an expression of organisational identity, and being required by a funding agency to formalise a gender policy. It reflects on the costs and commitments required to address gender inequity. It describes the capacity building strategies utilised, and concludes by seeking support in peer NGOs.