Gender and Integral Mission

The strategic conversation endorsed the Micah Network Declaration on Integral Mission as a useful theological basis for discussing gender within the Micah Network. A multi-cultural and multi-lingual reading of the Micah Network Declaration of Integral Mission yielded the following additional assertions, which are highlighted in italics, about gender in relation to integral mission.

The Micah Network declaration of Integral Mission states,
“We call one another back to the centrality of Jesus Christ. His life of sacrificial service is the pattern for Christian discipleship. In his life and through his death Jesus modelled identification with the poor and inclusion of the other.”
Jesus modelled inclusion without discrimination between men and women, and took into consideration the vulnerability of particular groups and individuals.

On the cross, God not only reconciles rich and poor to himself, but also men and women, along with all of creation.

Grace redefines justice and recognizes disadvantage due to gender, social or economic class, ethnic origin, age, etc.