‘As the Father has Sent Me’: Integral Mission and the Church

by Bishop Mtetemala

In my work as the Bishop of a small Diocese in Tanzania I visit each parish at least once a year. This gives me the opportunity talk about the needs of the community and the response of the church to those needs with members of the church and community leaders. The Diocese has become more active in responding to the physical needs of the poor communities because we saw this as a way of bringing God’s love among them. Evangelism has always remained central to our mission, but the more we do evangelism, the more God shows us the broadness of his mission.

We are learning that mission must not be narrow because it is God’s mission. The Church’s mission originates from God’s mission and as such it must be broad enough to touch both the soul and the body; the society as well as the individual. It must have an impact on people in their total need. It must be integral, total and wholesome.