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A Prophetic and Pastoral Voice by Kennedy Dhanabalan

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A Prophetic and Pastoral Voice by Kennedy Dhanabalan

"While on a Zoom call with medical professionals and community health practitioners, I was a silent observer during the meeting. One of the participants who is a close family friend of mine expressed after the meeting that he was expecting to hear the prophetic and pastoral voice from me to provide guidance. This what has prompted me to write this paper. With COVID-19 raging all over the world, everybody was asked to be at home, not to socialize by meeting one another and everything is done virtually including our Sunday Services. What is the church expected to do in these times, the ones’ who were called to be the salt and light to the world? In this current situation, what would the prophetic voice be and how should the pastoral concern be exemplified? What is the Lord’s expectation from us – the pastors, elders and leaders?" 

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