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Our Resources

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A core responsibility of a network is to help members improve and strengthen their efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring our vision and mission are forwarded.

Micah Network seeks to develop a continual improvement cycle of learning through sharing of resources and provision of a library of material that will help members in their growth of understanding and development.

Each topic or theme will have resource material covering three core areas that form the transformational cycle:

Theological Perspectives (the why):

Real change comes through the transforming of our hearts and minds. Maturity comes through increasing the depth of our knowledge and relationship with Christ. Having a true vision of Jesus, a growing understanding of the Gospel. Our theology of salvation will impact our theology of mission. We therefore need to ensure we reflect on theological perspectives of our focus areas, which in turn will influence our practice.


Good Practice (the how):

Good works are signs of the Kingdom of God here and now (responding to real needs, bringing release to the poor oppressed and marginalised, caring for creation, working for peace and reconciliation); good news is sharing the facts of what has been accomplished by Christ, his love and redemption of the world, and a call to faith to all.


Learning (the process):

Taking time together to reflect, monitor and evaluate our impact will help us to continually grow and mature and thus be more effective for God. We need to be encouraged and inspired by one another, capturing testimonies of transformation, case studies of good practice, research and learning, which in turn will sharpening our theological reflection and good practice guidelines. It’s about training and capacity building of one another to live to our full potential as we demonstrate Gods love in our world.




The Library

We are building up a library of materials in support of integral mission:

Click here for the library overview.

Please e-mail us if you have any resources that you would like us to add to this shared library.