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Peru: leaders sign pact against domestic violence

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23 October 2015

Paz y Esperanza, a member of Micah, has joined evangelical leaders from around Peru in launching Pact 2021: Families free from violence.

The media release from the occasion of the Pact's launch is published here.



PERU: Evangelical leaders sign a pact against domestic violence

"We will not hide the violence that may occur in our homes. Christian witness is strengthened when it exposes situations of abuse against women and children. We will not allow the concealment of aggressors," major church leaders and evangelical organizations in Peru agreed as they signed "Pact 2021, families free from violence.” The pact was held in Lima as part of the campaign for the elimination of domestic violence, sponsored by the National Evangelical Council of Peru (CONEP) and the Union of Evangelical Christian Churches of Peru (UNICEP) - among other organizations.

The commitment of evangelicals to prevent the violence that is faced daily by women, children, and adolescents was formalized after understanding results from the research project: "Within the four walls, evangelicals and domestic violence." These results revealed, among other things, that more than 70% of church members have been victims of some form of violence in their homes at least one time in the past 3 years, a statistic no different from that of the general Peruvian household.

"We have to admit that conversion, or practice of the evangelical religion, does not constitute a significant factor in protecting against emotional and physical violence," said Alejandro Rivas, lawyer of Peace and Hope, a Christian human rights institution that accepted the challenge of conducting this research. The research took place in four provinces. It had a major field work component and consisted of a survey of around 1300 people, 40 individual and group interviews, and numerous meetings to prepare each detail of the research and to analyze findings.

Bishop Samuel Aguilar, president of the National Evangelical Council of Peru (CONEP) noted that the research particularly challenged the Christian community within the country, inviting them to engage in the care and support of victims, provide protection, and promote the rights of all people, starting within the home.

Meanwhile, Raquel Gago Prialé, executive director of the Union of Evangelical Christian Churches of Peru (UNICEP), said that "this is a good opportunity for the church to take on a pastoral commitment in favor of victims of violence. This harsh reality convicts us to actively join this crusade for health and welfare of the families of this country. "

This initiative has been welcomed by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP). For Mery Carrasco Turin, director of the Unit for Prevention and Holistic Promotion against Domestic and Sexual Violence of this Ministry, the initiative of evangelical organizations is a plausible effort that adds to the efforts made by the state and civil society. The struggle for the elimination of violence in homes requires the participation of all institutions, and churches have a key role in this crusade.

 "Pact 2021, families free from violence" is part of a campaign driven by CONEP, UNICEP, the Peruvian Bible Society, the Association of Evangelical University Groups of Peru (AGEUP), the Network for a family without violence and the Association Peace and Hope. The campaign includes other activities, such as training sessions to prevent and eliminate violence in the home, the construction of modules and protocols to prevent and address domestic violence in local churches, and more.


You can learn more about the campaign via the video here: (in Spanish)