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At the KUSHAMIRI | FLOURISH Consultation, members of Micah Global presented workshops on topics where they have expertise. Here is a selection from around the world. Others will be added over time.

Build Back Better: United Mission to Nepal’s workshop on their earthquake response.

Build Back Better: an Integrated Programming Model for Earthquake Response Helps Dhading District in Nepal Flourish (United Mission to Nepal). With Parsu Ram Karkee, Dhana Lama, Katherine Parker. Contains discussion on linking disaster response learnings to COVID responses.

When God Changes My Perspective: a workshop from World Vision in Kenya.

KUSHAMIRI: When God Changes My Perspective. Embracing new perspectives for holistic community transformation through empowerment. Workshop with Daniel Muvengi of World Vision.

Youth empowerment with the Dignity Campaign and SALT Alliance from South Africa

Equip and empower teens to flourish, both girls and boys. With the Dignity Campaign and SALT Alliance.

BE Consulting in the USA share on Cultivating Cultures of Belonging

Cultivating Cultures of Belonging: Women and Men Leading Together in the Missional Sector. Beth Birmingham and Eeva Sallinen of BE Consulting.

Smallholder Agriculture Tackling the Ecological Crisis and Climate Change (CCD Network, World Renew, Germany & Kenya)

Andreas Jenny, Stephan Lutz, Jörg Mayer. Content of this workshop includes:
• Working through the church in agricultural development
• The critical importance of participatory, community owned, integrated and wholistic transformational development
• Conservation Agriculture, Permaculture and Climate Smart Solutions for small holder farmers – Examples from Kenya and the Philippines.

Ethnic Reconciliation Leadership  from the Peace and Reconciliation Network in Canada.

Our world is becoming increasingly diverse, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. Leading an organization, church or an institution in a highly diverse community turns to become one of the major challenges in the world of tomorrow. How do Christian leaders create communities living in peace? In this workshop we will define the nature of reconciliation theologically and present a biblical model of reconciling leadership, testing its validity in multi-ethnic conflict settings. Such settings defined as zones of potential conflict must also be carefully explored and we are looking forward to discussing the context you are involved in and the application of the presented model.

Research Findings on the Impact of Covid on Children and Youth – Transform Aid International, Australia.

Transform Aid International and partners presenting the results of their research on the impacts of Covid-19 on children and youth involved in projects across 6 countries.

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