Listen to African Voices

The five keynote speakers for the KUSHAMIRI | FLOURISH Consultation were drawn from Africans within the membership of Micah Global. Their biblical, contextually relevant, and personal talks will inspire, encourage and challenge. 

Creation and  Flourishing

Grace Pam from Eden Creation Care Initiative in Nigeria speaks to the place of creation within our understanding of flourishing.  

Flourishing from within 

Jay Muindi of Life in Abundance shares from his experience of flourishing from within. 

Flourishing and households 

Christo Greyling of World Vision talks about the role of households in flourishing. 

Flourishing and congregations 

William Ouma of Harvest Land Ministries International speaks about the role of congregations in flourishing and the relationship between local congregations and development organisations. 

Flourishing lives 

Nadine Bowers du Toit, Board member at The Warehouse, speak to the question of ‘how then shall we live’ in seeking flourishing. 

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