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Micah Network has a rich diversity of resources and expertise within our network that we can draw on share and further develop.

It is also our intention to sign post to the amazing work of organisations and individuals around the world whose efforts and resources can further contribute to enriching our work and mission.

Below are some of the many ways you may find help and further information:

Micah Network Members: The Network

Click here to go to the list of all our members, countries of operation and sectors of expertise.

Database of Consultants / trainers / lecturers

Micah Network is privileged to be in contact with gift individuals whose skills and expertise are a valuable resource. The database hosted by Micah Network is to help inform members of people within their region or globally who may be able to help in events, constancies, presentation etc. See List

Micah Network Online

Micah Family


Micah Network forms both formal and informal partnerships with organisations globally so as to share information and support one another.

Information Platforms

Micah Network members are engaged in relief, rehabilitation, development, environmental care and justice work. The links below are to help contribute to information and research in these sectors: