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Global Triennial Consultation

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Monday to Friday
10/09/18 - 14/09/18
All day
Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines, CCT Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center Kaykulot Road, Barangay Sungay East, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines


Micah Global will hold our 7th Triennial Global Consultation from 10th - 14th September 2018.

Theme: Integral Mission and Resilient Communities - addressing poverty, injustice and conflict.

Location: CCT Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center, Kaykulot Road, Barangay Sungay East, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines. Click here to see the location. 

Click here for the Consultation Website.


Pre Consultation Events:

Prior to the formal start of the Micah Consultation we are pleased to annouce that a number of pre consulation events will take place:

1) Introduction to Stott-Bediako Forum

2) Integral Mission and Community Health Conference

3) Urban Shalom Society Discussion

4) Micah Young People Debate

5) Renew Our World: Worship and Advocacy Workshop

 Consultation Programme:

Each of the five days has a sub theme:

Day One: Resilience in God's Mission

Day Two: Resilience in the Pursuit of Justice

Day Three: Resileince and Compassion

Day Four: Resilience and Disasters

Day Five: Resilience in Partnership

To review and download the programme see here.

Post Consultation Events:

Linked to our Micah Consultation members have a number of important follow on events:

1) 14th to 15th September: Stott-Bediako Forum: Peace Building and Conflict Transformation: the church in response to political conflict. Download flyer here.

2) 15th to 16th September: The New Urban Agenda faciliated by the Urban Shalom Society

It is time to Register.

Micah has a dedicated web site for the Consultation:   For further queries, please contact