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Global Consultation Papers from around the Globe

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Every three years we invite members to capture their learning, share their gifts and expertise and raise the issues of concern we need to address through our call for papers, stories, and art around the triennial theme.

All paper submissions will be published online here so that the whole membership around the world can draw from the reservoir of shared knowledge. They will be put online in a process leading up to the Consultation. Watch this space for the growing list of excellent papers to choose from.

Listed in alphabetical order:


Addressing Gender and Leadership Gaps in Development-Oriented Organizations

A Mission-Conducive Eschatology –Reading Revelation within its Context

Beauty, The Arts and Church Planting as an act of Creating Beauty

Biblical Teaching on Social Justice

Building Resilience with Local Churches and Communities

Building resilient communities: The importance of integrating mental health and wellbeing in effective development thinking and practice

Church and Community Mobilisation in Cooperation to Build Resilient Communities in SE Asia

Dangerous Resilience? The Institutional Church and Its Systemic Resistance to Change 

Deeper Understanding for More Resilience in the Work for Peace and Justice 

Engaging Theological Minds for Transformation: UMN’s Collaborative Journey in Developing Theology of Integral Mission

Financial Sustainability

From compassion to action. From panic to Resilience to New Poverty

From Reconciliation to Resilient Communities: Transcending Shame-Honour Culture

From Slum Learning Networks to Urban Institutes

God's Preference for the Poor: The Bible and Social Justice in Ireland

Integral Mission - the Journey to Hope and Healing

Missionary Resilience

My God, My God - why have you forsaken us?

Overcoming Security Issues in Pakistan - A Ministry

Post-typhoon Morakot: How disaster-resilient recovery enables sustainable livelihoods for indigenous communities in Taiwan

Ray of Hope

Recovery from the aftermath of Typhoon Pablo (Bopha): A Comparative Study Among Six Faith Communities in Compostela Valley, Philippines

RoW Stories of change: Stories from the global campaign seeking a restorative economy and life within environmental limits

Resilience and Hope and Stimatization of AIDs Victims

Reslience and Palestinian Christians

Resilience in Partnerships to Transform the City

Restorative Economy and Movement Building: Lessons from the frontline of global movement-building: reflections from 3 years of Tearfund’s Restorative Economy approach

Resilience in Pursuing Justice: Practices and Reflections

Restoring resilience – re-imagining the dream. Thoughts on the effect of continuous trauma on the South African coloured population and how the church can help overcome it.

Righteousness, suffering and participation in Philippians 3:7-11: Integral mission and Paul’s Gospel

Singles and the Future of Integral Mission

Tearfund's understanding of Resilience 

Urban Shalom - The Practice of Hope

Worship and Justice: Spirituality that embodies and mobilizes for Justice



A lessons learned paper from the 2015 earthquakes, Nepal

Developing Resilience in Volunteers for Resilient Partnerships

Healing memories - indigenous People

Live Justly Camp Haiti

Love Hanoi - The Journey

Network for the Poor