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Call for Papers - Micah Global 7th Consultation

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15 March 2018

Call for Papers, Case Studies, Art and Music

Every three years we invite members to capture their learning, share their gifts and expertise and raise the issues of concern we need to address through our call for papers, stories, and art around the triennial theme. All paper submissions will be published online so that the whole membership around the world can draw from the reservoir of shared knowledge. Selected papers will be collated to form a consultation publication and nine spaces will be given to authors to present their paper in the Micah M-phatic sessions (this is like a TED talk). Topics raised will be reviewed and discussed, and may inform the next three years of thematic focus of Micah.

Submission of papers by all is encouraged as this is the way we discern where we are at, what we are corporately discerning, what approach is working and where the gaps are. These submissions will also help identify authors to be considered for publication in our M.Series.

The Micah Global Consultation is facilitated every three years, inviting members and interested non-members to come together and work through the issues and concerns currently being faced around the world under an overarching theme that resonates with our shared passion to address the travesty of poverty, injustice and conflict in our world through an integral mission lens.

Please download the Call for Papers and Style Sheet available on the right hand side of this page for more information.

The Deadline has been extended to the 31st July.

Papers submitted after the 31st May will not be translated for the Consultation in September, but will still be published in the language of submission.